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RIAD BENCHEKROUN opens its doors starting from spring 2013.

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The house that hosts RIAD BENCHEKROUN has over 100 years of history. We would like to share it with you! The riad is located near "El Hedim" square and the famous gate "Bab Mansour".

The construction of the house

The house of the current RIAD BENCHEKROUN was built in 1889 for the "Qabbabs", a family of merchants in the import of British goods. At the time, Moroccans were very fond of fabrics and silverware made in England.

The Qabbab family was related to the Benchekroun family by alliance. Throughout the successive inheritances, the possession of the house was scattered among different members of both families.

Tayeb Benchekroun's Home

For a Moroccan citizen, a good house should have a number of qualities. It must be close to the mosque, the "Kuttab" (school for the children), the "Hammam" (public baths), and in a good neighborhood. The house Tayeb Benchekroun (a merchant in traditional clothing) chose for his future family is a jewel for the time. In addition to being close to the Grand Mosque of Meknes, it is close to his shop in the medina. It is located in the bottom of "Derb Makka", a street named after the sacred city of Mecca (Makkah in Arabic). This street has received this prestigious name since part of its houses were given for the funding and maintenance of the holly city, before the era of petrodollars.

Tayeb Benchekroun had to negotiate with the various holders of shares in the house to become the sole owner and to start his new family life in it. The Benchekroun family's home have see the birth of six children and has continued to be a gathering place for all children and grandchildren.

The birth of the guest house

In recent years, the house was no longer used as much as before, but the family kept it for its sentimental value. In 2008, Abdelfatah (everyone calls him Fettah) youngest son of Tayeb Benchekroun , decided to renovate it. Not only the doors and walls, but also bring it back to life! Thus began the idea of a guest house, where one can experience the etiquette of Moroccan merchant families' life style.

To preserve the authentic character of the house, Fettah selected and renovated, with the help of craftsmen of the medina, parts of authentic furniture which all have a story to tell. The result of this teamwork is RIAD BENCHEKROUN a home for the Meknassi savoir vivre with its comfort, quality and good taste.