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RIAD BENCHEKROUN opens its doors starting from spring 2013.

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In Few Words:

A riad is a traditional Moroccan house, centered around an inner patio. The rooms and suites of our riad are spread on 3 floors. The top floor is composed of terraces, with both traditional sofas and deck chairs.


The patio

    The inner patio, called "boussedar" in Moroccan arab dialect, is the central space of the house. It is also the top opening from which light penetrates the inner parts of the edifice.

The Rooms:

    The guestrooms of the Riad are long rooms, with a bed for 2, a sofa, and a bathroom.

They are arranged all around the patio, and have flower names:
  • 2 rooms in the first floor: Yasmin (Jasmine), Qoronfel (Carnation)
  • 3 rooms in the second floor: Zanbaq (Lily), Sawsan (Iris), Narjis (Daffodil)
  • 1 room in the third floor: Mesk Elil (Night Jasmine)

The suites:

    The suites are composed of a bedroom with bathroom, and an independent livingroom. We can propose you 2 of them:
  • One in the second floor: Ma' Zhar (Orange flower water).
  • One in the third floor: Ma' Wared (Rose water).

The Deluxe Trio:

    The second floor has 3 rooms (Zanbaq, Sawsan, Narjis) arranged around the inner balcony overlooking the patio. The whole floor can be booked for groups who wish for a little more privacy.

The cafe-terasses:

    The top floor of the riad is composed of different terraces, where one can enjoy the good weather or forget oneself in a good book on a deck chair.